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Our Company,

Our Business and Our Success

KSC is an professional consultancy specializing in recruitment of permanent, contractual & temporary positions in Financial, IT and Non IT services. Our aim is to bring together the job seekers and employers thereby enhancing growth & opportunities as a whole. Our commitment and expertise will help companies reduce the recruitment cost significantly.

Our industry aligned team is very experienced in understanding the job requirements and identifying the right candidates who are suitable for the job requirements across various industries. Employer can have enormous database to find the best resumes and for employees they can directly apply for any job through our portal.

Our mission

We will accomplish our Vision through our commitment to strategic growth, outstanding service, and your valuable support.

Our Vision

To keep giving world class platform through innovative and outstanding services and help companies and organizations to change in both management and IT.

Values and shared beliefs

We give our first and highest attention to our customers. Our success is defined by our customers’ success and we live up to our commitments and to the trust given us by our customers


Most agencies will tell you what you want to hear, but we are a little different. We don’t claim to be the biggest agency, or to have global networks. However, we are proud of the business relationships we have developed and our track record of consistently delivering excellent results. This is evidenced by a major percentage of our work being exclusive, meaning our clients recognise the excellent quality of work and the exceptional quality of candidates placed with them. Whether you are seeking a local recruitment specialist to find your next team member, or are seeking specialised career information and industry insights, you can rely on us.

Our Work Process

We pro-actively tap market for excellent candidates Once candidates are identified, we conduct in-depth interviews with each individual Here, we obtain detailed information (on topics like educational background, career goals, personality traits, experience, job history, compensation etc.)