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Design Service & Staff Augmentation

Superior Technology Solutions

Hardware Design Services

Embedded Design Service team supports complete electronic hardware design activities which include schematic design, bill of material finalization, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, prototyping, production support and FPGA design services for customer-specific requirements. The key hardware design ranges from small-footprint, power-optimized solutions to high-end, rugged systems built around various embedded processors and DSPs.

PCB Design from your schematic

PCB design and layout is our specialty. We will usually take your schematic, although not necessary, and create a professionally designed PCB just for you. Whatever your project may be, we’ll take your ideas and create a professionally designed PCB that fits your schematic.

Our PCB Design service is fast, reliable and always ready to go the extra mile to make you satisfied. Our PCB designers can deliver quality products at a very efficient and economical pace.

"If you don’t have a schematic, we can create one for you. We are also able to help get your design to the point where it’s ready for layout. We are here to serve you."

Component Library Development and Maintenance:

  • Process driven development.
  • Dedicated Development Team.
  • Symbols compliant with IEEE & with IPC – 7351 standards.
  • Process driven development.
  • Symbols compliant with IEEE and with IPC-7351 standards.
  • Customized library development for different customers.

Printed Circuit Board Layout:

  • High Speed digital, Analog, Mixed and RF designs.
  • High Density PCBs : > 500 pins/Sq. inch.
  • High Layer count boards : 20+ layers.
  • Impedance/Delay matching.
  • Blind and Buried Vias.
  • Fine Pitch BGA (0.5mm).
  • Motherboards, Backplanes
  • Mechanically constrained PCBs

Signal Integrity & High Speed Board Design

  • Simulation using Eldo Spice and IBIS Models.
  • Eye Pattern & Jitter analysis for multi-gigabit signals.
  • Analysis of High Speed SERDES based designs.
  • Multi-board system level simulation.

Mechanical Design Services (MDS)

KSC is specialized in design and product development using NX/Unigraphics, Pro/Engineer, and SolidWorks CAD systems.

We build close relationships with companies both large and small helping to keep their design and PLM workloads manageable. We provide a suite of design and development services including complex modeling and product design, Teamcenter services, rapid prototyping, CNC fabrication, and associative design tool development

Design and modeling: An entire project or smaller portions. Legacy drawings to solid CAD, custom designs, and overflow designing. Both onsite and offsite


I must say a phrase about how many words a picture is worth.

Once a solid model is developed it’s all there to communicate exactly what you have. Engineering and manufacturing have taken advantage of the power of 3D and now it’s marketing’s turn. Show customers, investors, and marketing channels exactly what the next big thing is before it’s even being made with a photo realistic image.

KSC has been delivering realistic and customized render images for our clients since we started. Cut Away product illustrations for tradeshows and websites, photo realistic product images, and customized colorizations to match corporate standards. We know what works so you get the image you want.

Contact us to learn more about how photo realistic renders can keep your company ahead in the market place